Saturday, November 5, 2011

Workout Group Challenge Update

Wanted to update you guys on my Workout Challenge Group plan:

I have a few awesome and committed ladies that are ready to change it up and dramatically change their bodies with an awesome exercise program and good nutrition (some will be using Shakeology, some are not).

One group is an exclusive, BeachBody Challenge group. (See the Beach Body Challenge button on the right hand side of my BeachBody Page). They have committed to do P90x, drink Shakeology as a meal replacement for the 3 month duration of the program, and to become a BeachBody Club Member. An invsement? Yes! But those willing to actually invest in their health have a better change of actually changing their health and following through.

Our second group is also going to be a P90x group but without Shakeology or the BeachBody Club Membership. The people of that group will simply be doing P90x together. This group is just a flat fee of $35 per month, for the 3 month challenge. An investment? Yes! But more likely to see results, especially with me coaching everyone, every step of the way.

This is my plan. I will be creating private Facebook groups for these challenges. No one can see you are in it and what we talk about except for the few members in each group. We will each report daily, about our workout, about our nutrition, give and get advice, etc. I will be there to answer ANY questions via text, email, phone. I WANT these ladies to be highly successful! I am committed to being there, every step of the way to hold people accountable, give nutrition tips and advice, and give advice for the workouts so the people of the group are getting what they pay for in the program, meal replacements, and my personal help. These groups will have my name on them, and I want them to be successful. I cannot wait!

We start December 1st. If anyone is interested in joining one of these groups, please let me know, as you have to have time to get prepared to start up the program.

And for those interested at a later date, I plan to start up a few more groups on January 1st. It will be time for New Years Resolutions and instead of paying for a gym membership, going for 2 months, and then never going back, you'll have be right at your side (and the other people in the group) to help motivate and push you, like you've never pushed yourself before. Results do not come for free. I can promise you that! No one that is toned and in great shape doesn't have to work hard to get there.

If you are ever interested in joining a group, please let me know. I am willing to start up a group whenever anyone is ready and committed to changing their life. Just shoot me an email or leave a comment here, or message me on Facebook.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. hey i want to join and loose weight but not doing p90x. I need to start over with my boot camp videos. Things have been so crazy I cannot stand it but now that we are all moved in and settled i am going to start up again. Turin is 8 months tomorrow and I have probably worked out a total of 15 times since he turned 6 weeks which means I am still fat. My body has lost about 37 lbs just about on its own and now i still have about 40 lbs to loose to get to where i want to be. Lots of work.ugg