Friday, May 7, 2010

one last winner

yay for marcee!!! she is the winner of lindsay's core fitness dvd. it's an awesome one! email me with your address so i can get this in the mail to you (actually, my kind husband is the one that mails these giveaways out. i refuse to take my 3 kids to the post office).

stay tuned for more posts. and if you didn't win a lindsay dvd... i'll let you in on a little secret... they aren't expensive and are well worth every penny! you won't be disappointed. i swear! and maybe i'll order some more in the future for more giveaways! :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Amp up your grains

A few weeks ago I posted about water intake. That is the first thing I mention when someone asks me about losing weight or just plain being healthy.  Number two is moving to whole grains.  The main reason to make the switch from white flour to whole wheat and replace white sugar with honey (or something similar) is summarized in this one table...

These calories are 'empty' without much nutrition, even though you are still consuming calories.  The loss of these minerals is one reason flour is 'enriched'.  They remove the nutrition and then try to add it back in again.  Moving to whole grains and unrefined sweeteners allows you to feel more full in part because you are getting minerals from the food.  The first thing you'll notice after making the switch is you can eat less volume and yet feel more full.  I love that.  

So AMP UP YOUR GRAINS...your body (and waistline) will thank you for it.