Sunday, March 21, 2010

yummy taco soup

this is on my menu weekly. no joke. we love this. and everyone loves it (sometimes... i live with isaac... and he never likes the same thing twice- well, hardly ever). it's super quick, yummy, and healthy. it's great with chicken or made vegetarian without meat and with veggie broth. most days, we go vegetarian, because it's easier and healthier (we eat way too much meat in our society). now, a word about the toppings. these are not included in the "healthy" part of the soup... except the avocado. my kids love the toppings (so does my husband), but 99% of the time, i go without everything except avocado. so if you are looking to lose weight or stay healthier, do NOT add the toppings... they add a gazillion calories that are 100% empty. and don't give me the "cheese has calcium" line. there are many more ways to get calcium than high in calorie and fat cheese.

taco soup

2 cans pinto beans (drained)
1 can corn (drained)
1-2 cans petite diced tomatoes (not drained)
1/2 c. salsa or picante sauce (i use pace picante)
2-3 T. taco seasoning
1 chicken breast if desired (cooked and shredded)
3 c. chicken/vegetable broth
heat together in pot. serve with cheese, sour cream, avocado chunks, fritos or tortilla chips

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  1. I made this soup last night and it was YUMMY! Thanks for the recipe. Hope you guys are doing well!