Monday, March 22, 2010

new family favorite

when i say family favorite, i usually mean tyler and i. i make what i like for dinner. and my kids are required (2 of the 3 of them) to eat a small amount of it. then i'll make them something different, but simple. i'm not willing to eat the crap they love. call me a bad mom, but although i get sick of them not eating what i make for dinner, i'm not about to make them sit at the table all night long like i had to. :) it's just not worth it, and i can't force them to eat what i like. but here is a new favorite that everyone liked except isaac (he wouldn't even try it. cam said he liked it a little, but he ate it all gone). i got this recipe from my sister in law. she makes the vegetarian version and i've had it several times. i've also more recently had the original recipe which includes chicken. both are super yummo!

tomatillo soup (can you tell i adore soup?)

saute in big stock pot appx. 10-15 minutes

1/2 lg. onion, diced
2 garlic cloves
1 lb. tomatillos diced (about 5)

add rest of following ingredients and simmer 15-25 minutes

3 chicken breasts, cooked and shredded
1- 49 oz. can chicken broth (i only used 32 oz)
16 oz. fresh salsa from the deli
1- 15 oz can yellow hominy (drained)
1- 15 oz. can white hominy (drained)

Serve with: (this is the part i ignore, or just use the avocado and maybe lime juice)
tortilla strips
avocado chunks
mexican rice
shredded cheese
sour cream
fresh lime juice

love this recipe! obviously, for vegetarian, hold the chicken and use veggie broth. my sister in law sometimes adds the mexican rice to the actual soup... not on the side. yum! and by the way, if you only like soup in the winter, you should branch out and eat it all times during the year. i've never quite understood people's reasoning that it's hot in the summer and you don't want hot food. isn't most of the food we eat warm? what difference does it make? i guess i'm not one that loves salad though. i've had people tell me that they eat salads all summer. the thought makes me want to throw up. but you should try soup in the summer too. it's so good! and if i can make soup all summer long in my house in arizona in 115 degree weather, you can make it too!

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  1. I am more than ridiculously excited to try this recipe. I love soup. It is the easiest and tastiest way to get a good serving of veggies and fill yourself up without eating loads of crap! PLUS, it is the easiest clean up. Bowls, spoons, and one pot. SO simple!! I wonder if you could even do this in a crockpot? Saute the first ingredients and then just throw everything in the crockpot for the day on low. I'm gonna have to try that! I just looked up tomatillos because I've never actually used them at home (although I've had them and love them!) and according to wikipedia they are a fruit, like tomatoes. Interesting!!