Tuesday, March 23, 2010


these tortillas come in several different packages. this is what mine look like when i get them from costco. at walmart, the packaging is orange.

another regular in our home. my sister (the other author of this blog who is currently extremely busy with 8 1/2 weeks old twins. these little tykes have barely begun life outside of the hospital- one has been home for a week and a half and the other just a few days) started me on these wraps and i fell in love. and hard for these babies. the other plus, everyone in my family loves these in some form or another... even if it's just a plain, raw, cold tortilla.

first off, you HAVE to get these tortillas. this is one of the only things i eat that is white flour and not 100% whole wheat. although heather and i talked about writing the company and asking them to make a whole wheat version. the brand is tortillaland. you can get these at costco, but also at most walmarts. they are usually located by the cream cheese at walmart in the refrigerated section, near the bottom. these are raw, or uncooked tortillas that you throw on the stove for a few minutes to brown them and they are TO DIE FOR! i normally HATE flour tortillas. these are the only ones i'll eat. you can pretty much add any toppings on these babies, but i'll put the basics of what my family loves. i try to keep it light on the toppings... and you should know why if you've read any of my previous posts. extra calories!


tortillaland tortillas
black beans (warmed on the stove)
avocado slices

yum! that's what we put on. infact, most times, we don't even use hummus on them. but hummus makes them extra delish! these are easy, quick, and for people like isaac that think all food looks weird, i put black beans and cheese on his, and he devours it. most of the time.

be creative though. you could add tomatoes, green onions, brown rice, chicken, etc. anything you like on a taco or burrito. but remember, if you are trying to be health conscious, which i'm assuming you are since you are reading this blog, hold the sour cream, cheese, meat, and anything else that really doesn't add a whole lot of nutrition with lots of calories (what i call empty calories). try these. you will LOVE them! guaranteed.


  1. These tortillas have been my families favorite forEVER!! SO good! I tried a different (less expensive) brand recently. EW! Tortillaland are the yummiest. We have them for lunches a lot. I put guacamole (made with garlic powder, lime juice and avocado only) on the tortilla, then fill it up with spinach, tomatoes, red onion, shredded carrots, sprouts, bell pepper slices, and any other veggies I have around that sound delicious and have it with some fruit and it's the best healthy lunch ever. SO good. And of course we have them with veggie fajitas and all kinds of other mexican favorites, too.

  2. So glad to hear Heather's twins are doing well. I bawled the day we got to take our girls home from the NICU and they weren't there even close to as long as hers. Send her my love.

  3. These are really yummy! (aren't they high in calories though? like 140 cal for one tortilla?) Our Costco started carrying them last summer and then stopped a few months later. So far they haven't brought them back...bummer!

  4. yes, the tortillas are 140 calories each... pretty much the same as two pieces of bread or less though... so really, it's not bad. as long as you have one! :)