Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the results are in...

i am too lazy to try and figure out how to display the results so i can prove i didn't cheat. i promise i didn't. it's a little funny though. a few people won exactly what they wanted to. and actually, a few people won more than one dvd (or the same dvd twice). but since we said, we were going to have 12 winners, for 12 dvd's, we let the random number generator choose another number. for some, i had to hit the "generate" button several times!

so here are the winners! if you can, email us. it will be easier for us that way. if we don't hear from you within a few days with your address, we will email you.

the four winners of post-natal bootcamp:

The Jeffries

The Haucks

Courtney B


the four winners of bootcamp 2:

The Oylers


The Bartschi’s


the two winners of shed 5 fast:

Ryan, Tiffany, Rosten, Wood

Johnson Family

the two winners of core metabolic jumpstart:

Luke and Katie


Congratulations!!! Please email us at and let us know where to send your free dvd!!! if you already own the dvd that you won, let us know. we will do our best to switch things around to get you a different one (if it's possible).

Also, some other exciting news... just a reminder about the promo codes Lindsay gave our readers. Check them out here for great savings on her downloads and dvd's.

Also, for those of you who have tried or own her pregnancy dvd's. She is offering a great deal for you. All you have to do is go to, do a review of her pregnancy dvd's, and she will mail you a free dvd of hers... your choice!!! If you do this, email us at and let us know which dvd you would like. after verifying you have done the review, we will contact lindsay with your request and you will get your dvd shortly. great deal! only takes a few minutes of your time and you get a free workout video!


  1. I thought I posted a big, huge "THANK YOU!" but I guess it didn't come up...anyway, THANK YOU!

  2. ok I'm ready for another giveaway;)

  3. I am so excited! Thank you so much.

  4. Hey, this has nothing to do with the giveaway but what are your opinions on organic? What about hormone-free meats? I've heard conflicting things about organic. Thanks!

  5. I think you're pretty dang versatile. Which is why I've left you an award on my blog ;) Check it out, yo! *B