Tuesday, January 18, 2011

another HUGE giveaway (a day late)

i know we said we'd post our giveaway yesterday. with heather having twins that are approaching their first birthday, and me with four kids under the age of 6 (all of which are home with me all day), we just didn't get around to it.

but we have great news (a day late)!

to our followers and readers, lindsay has offered two AWESOME promotional codes for you!

*for 30% off her 60-day slim down program ($15 savings), use promo code:

(this normally sells for $49.99 and you can get it for just $34.99)

*for $6 off her already "special price" right now (her first 4 downloads for $20- already an $8 savings), use promo code:

(that's her first 4 downloads for $14 total- $3.50 per download- JUMP ON THAT!)

*for $3 off a single download (normally $7), use promo code:


thanks to miss lindsay for being so generous! seriously ladies. jump on these deals! go to:

to use your promo codes!

stay tuned for another awesome giveaway this week...
some of lindsay's dvd's and more than one copy of each.
post-natal bootcamp
bootcamp 2
shed 5 fast
core metabolic jumpstart

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  1. What a great blog ladies. Melissa told me about your blog. I'm looking forward to a healthier lifestyle. Thanks for the help. I am a new follower:)