Friday, April 9, 2010

congrats to...

ashley who said,

"count me in!"

and to...

elizabeth who said,

"i would love this workout... and i need it!"

email me with your addresses so i can get core metabolic jumpstart in the mail to you asap! (probably tomorrow... if my pregnant brain remembers to do so).

for next friday's giveaway, i am giving two of lindsay's "dance jam" dvd's away. i was hesitant about this workout because i have never danced. ever. (you know, besides church dances in high school where i thought i was so cool). it's one workout that is about 45 minutes... but has some express versions that aren't as long. it's all cardio and gets your blood pumping. and at first, i felt like a moron, but i actually enjoyed it once i got the hang of "the moves."

i'll announce the winners next friday, april 16th.

*note* one of the copies isn't wrapped... it has never been viewed though. one of my children opened it up :)


  1. Oh Yes! Dancing is my favorite way to get my cardio workout done!

  2. I love to dance but I have no "moves"- maybe this will help me learn and help me lose weight, too!

  3. I could use dancing to dance away those postpartum pounds here pretty quick!

  4. I would love to win an excercise
    DVD! My youngest is 13 but it is a constant battle for me to loose the extra pounds. Thanks for all your help Tiffany!
    Dana Rae

  5. I've always wanted to learn to dance. At home without paying tons of money sounds like a great way to do it. Plus the cardio sounds great!

  6. Dance is the only motivation I have for exercising. I don't need to lose weight, but need a cardio workout so I can keep up with my husband!

  7. I want to lose baby pounds...and the kids would enjoy a good laugh watching me try to dance :)

  8. This DVD looks awesome! Am I allowed to enter! ;)