Friday, January 8, 2010

congrats to...

alicia @ the spencer family.

although she is pretty much my best friend, i swear i didn't pick favorites (and i didn't count my comment as one of the numbers). i did enter all of the other comments, because if you already had shed 5 fast, you could choose which lindsay brin video you want. i have extra copies of them all (except her pregnancy series). so al, comment or call me about what dvd you'd like (even though you are looking to gain weight this year... gaining muscle can't hurt. or you can use it later too... or you can decline your win and i'll go to again for another winner!)

pick from:
post natal bootcamp
bootcamp 2
core fitness for moms
shed 5 fast
core metabolic jump start
dance jam
core firing sequence

hmmm. i'm so pumped about our new blog, that i think i'll give another dvd away.

congrats to lynda!

(she used to babysit me when i was like 3). same goes for you lynda. if you want shed 5 fast, you can have it, or choose another one of lindsay's dvds! both ladies need to give me your address so i can get them in the mail to you! email me at

look forward to a post from heather within the next day or two... and happy friday!

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  1. I think Boot Camp 2 is the only one I don't have. I did the Shed 5 Fast today for the first time. There is one part in it that is a little tricky (coordination wise), but I liked it.