Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Win a Free Sprouting Set

I've taken a few classes on sprouting and learned from many friends--but it took me years to attempt it myself.  I even purchased all necessary products and didn't sprout for over a year.  When you read this post, you will see how simple it is, but you just need to START.

Health Benefits: A sprout is the beginning of a new plant with stored nutrient potential bursting from the seed.  These little sprouts take a healthy seed and amplify it's nutrition...
     Protein: increases somewhere between 15% to 30%
     Excellent source of antioxidants
     Chlorophyll and fiber increase
     B vitamins increase to give you more energy
     Vitamins A, E, K, and C increase
     Calcium, phosphorus, and iron increase a little as well
     Enzymes are activated for optimal digestion

Low Calorie: Not only are sprouts low-calorie, but they are high nutrient and tend to support improved metabolism.

It's Cheap: Buying sprouts at the store is expensive and once you've seen fresh sprouts, you see that the sprouts in the store are pretty old and don't last as long.  Sprouting is very cheap, easy, and takes only a few minutes.  Literally.

Great Survival Food: Seeds, beans, and grains can be sprouted all year round.

Step one: 
Buy the seeds.  I love Life Sprouts, but I have also purchased the seeds at the store that aren't specifically marketed for sprouting.  The main difference is that Life Sprouts tests their seeds to make sure they will sprout.  If you buy a regular grain/seed/legume, a few of them in a batch won't sprout.  At first this doesn't sound like a big deal, but when you bite into it--it doesn't feel good, as it is hard.  Life Sprouts also makes blends--my favorite is Pro Vita Mix.  I have only sprouted Pro Vita Mix and alfalfa at this point.  They are favorites at my house.

Step two:
Determine which sprouter you want to use.  There are many sprouters you can use.  I have used a few different kinds and find I also like Life Sprout's Sprout Master the best.

Another kind of sprouter (and there are many variations of this) is this one:

You can also use a mason jar and using some new nylons or mesh, create drainage for the water:

Soak the seeds: Each seed is soaked for different amounts of time, but a general rule is 12 hours of soaking.  Pour the seeds in a cup, or a jar sprouter and cover the seeds with water (plus about an extra cup because the seeds will expand).  I like to set mine out at night so I remember 12 hours later to remove them from soaking in the morning.  It isn't bad if they soak a little longer. 

Pour into sprouter: Drain the water and spread them into a thin layer of a tray or pour them into the bottom of the jar. 
     Jar:  Cover jar with mesh/nylon lid and place in a cupboard or dark place upside down on an angle.  I leaned mine against the cupboard.  This allows for drainage.  Water will drip out, so make sure you have something under it.
     Tray: Cover tray so no light can get to the sprouts.  What I love about the Life Sprouts tray sprouter is that it has built-in drainage that doesn't leak and has a cover.  You can leave it on your counter--so you don't forget about it!  Also in the jar-type sprouters, a brown film develops on the bottom and it looks like the seeds are souring--yuck.

Rinse. This is so easy.  You just rinse the seeds with water both morning and at night.  You will notice little tails forming on the sprouts.  Most take just a few days of the rinsing.  Really...it's that easy.

Life Sprouts has offered to giveaway a Mini Sprouter 2-Seed Pack to a lucky follower of this blog.  It retails for $15.95.  If you already have a sprouter, you can enter to give it away as a gift this holiday season.

Leave a comment and tell us your favorite way to eat sprouts or if you're new to sprouting, why you want to try it.  Become a follower of this blog for an extra entry. Just click "Follow" on the right-hand side.  (This allows us to do more giveaways in the future!) If you're already a follower, I will count it as an extra entry.  Good luck everyone. 

*Source: Staying Healthy with Nutrition by Elson M. Haas, M.D.


  1. i'm new to sprouting. I think that if it gives you all the vitamin benefits...why NOT?!

  2. Please Enter ME!!!!!! You can enter me 5,000 times so I have a better chance to win!!!!! Can you tell I really want this sprouter?

  3. I would love to try it. I love sprouts on sandwiches. I would like to find out other ways of eating sprouts. I am all about trying to eat healthier for little cost. Thanks.

  4. I love to eat sprouts on sandwiches, salads, and wraps. I think I should expand, maybe I'll add sprouts to my green smoothie?

  5. I am new to sprouting and would love to find ways to eat healthier, especially in the winter.

  6. My favorite way to eat sprouts is on a sandwich but they are just fun to grab a few as a healthy snack as well.

  7. My favorite way to eat sprouts is on a bagel sandwich. And my 9 year old daughter's favorite way is just plain.

  8. I have never grown my own sprouts but I am so very interested in the idea! We love sprout, cream cheese and tomato sandwiches. Also in various salads. They are a real treat for my family because they get expensive at the grocery store. I would love to start growing them at home.

  9. I had no idea it was so easy. Very cool!

  10. Wow, cool! I've never sprouted before but I would definitely try! I buy them in the store sometimes for $$$ (especially in NYC!)!!! Enter me in!

  11. Pick me! Pick me! Hopefully I will win!

  12. I've always wanted to try sprouting, sign me up :)